Where to invest my money in 2017?

invest my money

This is the main doubt that the savers have. The fixed term deposits deposits and funds guaranteed best sellers some time ago that no longer a profitable investment since most exceeds inflation which have raised prices in 2016, so these savings have devalued. The situation in which the savers are in the first quarter of 2017 is as follows:

invest my money

Deposits nonexistent due to zero profitability Longer-term deposits already pay the same as accounts, below 0.10%. In the auction of February 2017 to invest in Treasury bills to 12 months had to pay a 0,332%, that is to say the profitability was negative. In addition, more than 5,000 million were placed. The Treasury sets new minimum bill auction on 9 and 12 months. We must bear in mind that these returns have been obtained with oscillations and after a few Major declines in the first quarter of 2016.

How to invest the savings

Where to invest in 2017 the solution is obviously not to choose only one option, ie leave all money in the account even at 0%, or invest directly in stock a large part of our savings. Between these two extremes, there are several alternatives. First we must say that we must not be discouraged and that it is possible to obtain returns for our savings.

The solution is to plan and diversify our money by selecting in which to invest according to the objectives of each one and depending on when we are going to use the money. Within each term we must seek the most profitable products that fit our needs and the investment strategies that make our investment safer and with less risk.

The key is that there is no longer any possibility of obtaining high returns in the short term so we have to plan studies on how we save begin to detect that the financial culture is changing there is a progressive step d deposit to the investment fund. You start to think about the medium and long term, to live to think about the future and more and more there is a step of inexperienced saver to a saver with financial culture

Faced with this situation most people ask themselves what we do with our money. The saver has no choice but to adapt to the new situation. Many have left the money in the current account and others have tested with investment funds but as has been seen in the behavior of investors in 2016 with little fortune since precisely the best selling funds are those that have obtained less profitability.