What you should know if you are an SME and want to import


The right steps will not only ensure that your goal of bringing international products to the national market is met. It will also prevent you from being a victim of fraud saves on more costs. Than you would incur by not being prepared even avoiding penalties for evade the payment of tariffs that are applied to foreign trade.


This type of companies handles important figures in the economy of the country a participation of more than 95% of the total of the companies of Colombia and responsible for 35% of the production. They also generate 65% of national jobs according to figures from the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism.

The first thing to know is that according to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism will only be able to enter merchandise to Colombia. Who have a registration as an importer to obtain it must belong to the common system be registered in the Chamber of Commerce. Have a Single Tax Registry (RUT). Go to the fixed with these tips so that your undertaking takes flight if you do this

It should also take into account the additional costs of the net international price of the product. Which are related to international transportation costs nationalization costs. Other expenses that may arise? On the other hand SMEs that are interested in lowering the costs of this operation must be clear how they want to import.

If they are going to do it by load the merchandise will be object of a transport by means of a payment. It is charged by physical and volumetric weight that means the product plus the packaging of the same and the times of delivery are more ample.

The other option is through ‘Courier’ which is related to the use of express delivery companies. Where only physical weight is charged and shipments are up to 50 kilos and by value from the $ 2,000 dollars. While some are looking for other foreign markets many see Colombia as an attractive destination for doing business

Import with an intermediary

Intermediaries are clearly a useful help that can help you to advise yourself. Avoid paperwork and follow the proper process even more so if your business is an SME and so far, it will start to import. However, it is most advisable to verify very well, who is going to be the intermediary who has experience is legal and reliable at the same time.

When you buy directly from the store, it dispatches the item but after arriving in Colombia customs must be processed which is equivalent to an additional cost and then hired a third party to dispatch it to the house. With the store is not guaranteed so if you did not like what you bought or came out defective you cannot return it because it involves an additional cost however, Aero post returns the money or makes the repurchase.

Import Tips

Locate a reliable supplier: it is important to verify that the purchase is made with accredited companies whose processes are in accordance with the law. A simple way to identify a purchase to make in a virtual store is secure is to check the url of the website in which the http must be preceded by an “s” which means security (https) and means that all information Registered and processed is encrypted.