Valencia plans to implement a tourist tax

tourist tax

The mayor of Valencia Joan Ribo has opened the door to the creation of a tourist tax or overnight stays. In his opinion, apartments, hotels and tourism cause the City Hall an increase in services”, so they would have to pay by a fee as do ordinary citizens. He believes that it should be applied at the municipal level because each people are a world.

tourist tax

In addition, he has assured that he has transferred this question to those responsible for Tourism of the Generalist Valencia and that he shares with them that the rate should not be applied at the regional level. 

The tourist houses in the city of Valencia has an average occupancy of 90.8% for the last days of the fall between 15 and 20 March. This is a growth of 22.2 percentage points compared to the Failures of last year, when the occupation reached 68.6%. This is clear from the study of prices and occupation carried out by Retail, a company belonging to the idealistic group.

After Barcelona and Madrid, now the Valencian Community has decided to tighten the autonomic regulation that regulates the holiday rental. The Levantine region plans to punish with fines of up to 90,000 euros, and even the closure, Internet portals that advertise ‘illegal’ tourist floors according to current regulations, according to an amendment of the Popular Group debated yesterday in the Commission of Economy, Budget and Finance of the regional parliament.

By now, most of us have already decided what to do this summer and the owners of the holiday homes are closing the last remaining dates on the calendar. The holiday rental has become one of the most advantageous options to enjoy a few days off and proof of this is that this market is growing every year

In the years that President Mariano Rajoy is leading, the Government has always overestimated the revenues in the Budget. Last year it raised 7,271 million euros less than expected, 186,279 million. The graph shows that the tax reform approved in 2014 and that came into force in 2015 and 2016 has reduced the collection by 12.473 million. In addition, most of this amount is equivalent to the IRPF reduction.