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Blacklists where it is believed bulletining people who do not pay their debts on time, do not exist, are a myth. So there are records detailing your credit behavior and in which you are given a rating as good average and bad payer. Both gather information company’s banks and non-financial institutions as departmental stores as well as governmental bodies as water service or report them once a month on the status of your Payments.


Credit Information Companies indicates that you have the right to request your report once a year. This will serve to detect the appearance of credits that you did not request misreported payments or consult your unauthorized history. If you need to check it, more often the extra cost is 36 pesos.

Credit Circle every six months suggests that you request your report. In it, you will see a ‘dove’ green indicating you have your payments up to date, an exclamation point in yellow, which means you have a delay of 1-89 days or a red ‘cross’ if the delay is more than 90 days. You have an unrecovered debt. If your credit reputation is bad, because you have not had a good control of your personal finances or had unforeseen that have not left you settle your debts on time, not all is lost.

You can pay the minimum and be updated green you’re rating in the next 10 days. The important thing is that subsequent payments be fulfilled you see a clear trend that you left behind unpaid says Credit Bureau representative. Wolfgang, an entity that has 320 million registered individuals and legal persons. If you cannot pay even the minimum, it is best to remember a restructuring with your lender. If you have a credit you do not recognize, you are entitled to enter two claims per year through the Credit Bureau or Credit Circle. You just have to download the format that comes on your page, fill it out and send it with the following specifications:

  • The solution you want: I want that I do not recognize debt is eliminated.
  • Send a copy of your current IFE credential on both sides or passport.
  • You will receive a sheet and 29 business days for a response from the entity.

Wolfgang explained that there are three types of response, in the best case the Credit Bureau or Credit Circle erased that bad note and modify your grade. Send an update on your history you and financial institutions with which in the past six months tried to get finance report. In the second case you will receive the evidence (of the lender) which indicates that it is you debtor. If still you do not agree you can re-challenge.

The higher rank you have, the more likely you will pay in the future and the better the interest rate you are getting in new loans because your level of risk is lower. To keep your history and your score in positive look at court dates your credits promptly numbers because one day late affects your rating.