The tax benefits for independents who save on layoffs

save on layoffs

Withdrawals are a significant savings that could later serve as an investment, so we tell you how to get this benefit even though you work as an independent. When dealing with contracts with different companies either by providing services by agreements between one. Another business as an independent the employer who acts as a client is not obliged to pay the severance savings and interest, as well as the premium of Services or the endowment to which the persons linked by contract for a fixed or indefinite term are generally entitled.

save on layoffs

In fact, before leaving a stable job to start a business of your own it is important that you make an initial budget be clear that at first may be more losses than profits. That the road can be hard and that even if there are ‘cows Fat ‘for a few months, there may be’ skinny cows’ in others, in which it does, yes or yes, survive or at least those are the tests that will let you know if the decision was right or not.

Thus, the layoffs and layoff interests are calculated

Although you create it difficult, there are ways in which you can achieve the same benefits as a person who is in a stable job. You just have to be interested in achieving it and then the task is simple, you must organize to have savings that you can solve the inconveniences that arise.

What are the layoffs and what are they?

Article 249 of the Labor Code states that every employer is obliged to pay his workers at the end of the employment contract, as a severance payment, a month of salary for each year of services and proportionally for a fraction of a year. In addition, they must be paid before February 15. Moreover according to layoffs were created with the aim of protecting the members in case of unemployment to give an opportunity to finance the education of the spouse or children of the member. Finally, so that people can acquire their own home build or make improvements to housing.

As we have already mentioned and as dictated by law, persons providing services, independent or with full salary with income of 10 current legal minimum wages cannot receive the payment of layoffs by the employer. They can do a Voluntary savings in a layoff fund and obtain tax benefits. If you are already affiliated, start making the voluntary contribution as soon as possible, you can save one-twelfth of your annual income received from the previous year, that is, the equivalent of one month’s salary.

On the other hand, you can also keep your money saved in the pension fund account to generate profitability, so, according to your needs and goals can make a short or long-term investment. To do this, precisely the funds offer two types of portfolio.

Long Term: This option is designed for affiliates who wish to withdraw their savings over a period of more than one year. This means that if you are interested in having money in case of unemployment, paying a postgraduate in the medium term or collecting the initial fee to buy a home, this is the ideal portfolio