The mistakes about your income for a peaceful future


By making clear, the differences between the two systems you can begin to list the misconceptions that people have in common. When anyone is asked about the pension issue the youngest or who are starting their work life they say they do not know or know very little about the regulations. Their rights or duties with respect to the General Pension System, which lends itself to making mistakes and misinterpretations that, can lead to making wrong decisions.


Having cleared the differences between RAI and RPM, we can then talk about the most common mistakes when thinking about the pension issue: Expense, not an expense is an investment. Unfortunately, people are not aware that the pension is a good investment option not only for old age. Also to protect them from all those circumstances that could affect them as a state of invalidity or even death, leaving the family unprotected.

My savings are lost if I fail to meet the pension requirements for both schemes there is the option to claim the savings. A return of balances includes the income obtained by the savings. On the side of the RPM is entitled to the Substitute Compensation that is the contributions made during the working life.

The employer decides which scheme and entity to quote when you are in the process of contracting with any company. The employee is the one who freely chooses the pension scheme to which he wants to contribute. We also offer you the key decision for a quiet old age is not being taken so ‘lightly’

There are many questions that can arise when talking about the pension issue the important thing is to be clear that it is a saving that will benefit us in the future. In my opinion, it is of vital importance to consult very well before making a decision. Since in most cases ignorance of rights and duties in pensions causes people to make mistakes, which have no way of correcting themselves. It Can be the difference between getting a good pension or suddenly not even pensioning.