The expenses that you must eliminate


Spending more is not only noticed in expensive watches, a change of luxury clothes or in going to the most expensive restaurant. If you think about those small daily expenses you will realize that little by little. All sums and that is why it does not meet your financial goals. You start to think ‘what’s wrong with that morning red? Why take away the urge to go to the machine for a snack in the afternoon?


Those ‘ant expenses’ are deteriorating your pocket. Think of that red that is worth at least $ 800 or $ 1,000. If you take two a day, we are talking about maximum $ 2,000 a day. That is, $ 10,000 a week just to take into account from Monday to Friday. If we add, all of the year is $ 540,000. In addition, we are adding in addition neither the $ 200 chewing gum of each red nor the $ 1,400 of soda, nor the daily empanada of $ 1,800.

Sounds like a challenge it is possible to eliminate sodas because. In addition to being expensive, they are the cause of that fatness in your abdomen. While the society in which we live has us used to, junk foods such as pizza. Chicken are accompanied with these sugary drinks, their overuse leads to medical problems. You do not have to take them off completely because abstinence will lead to uncontrolled consumption but you can take them off during the week and consume them from time to time.

The packages of the machine

Not only can you stop buying them but also you can replace them with other foods like fruits or vegetables, which are healthier. You may also be interested in taking a nap at work is good for your health and performance. If it seems a much exaggerated challenge try to reduce consumption to two servings per week and from time to time, you can eat strawberries, some pieces of celery, which also provide energy.

Reduce your expensive mobile plan

Do you really need those 34 gigabytes of data for your cell phone? If you think that each month you pay a very expensive bill and that consumption does not reach half, you could spend less than $ 70,000 a month to better have a plan of less than $ 50,000. In addition, for this year’s tax reform we remind you that plans of less than $ 45,000 do not pay data consumption tax.

The gym

Although it sounds, contradictory and we are talking about exercising and sports. Many people spend too much in their gym because they are not in the habit of going to it. So it seems a very logical idea you start paying for an expensive membership, then pay for fines for not going to the class you had scheduled and so on until your wallet suffers from those overcharges. If you do not have the discipline, choose a sport and practice it in a group.

The cigarette

It’s sad, but many people who do sports end up damaging that routine because they buy a pack of cigarettes with the excuse that one a day does not hurt. In addition to being damaging your body you are ruining your pocket. Remember that the cigarette tax made them increase by about $ 2,000 a pack. So eliminate the tobacco from your lungs because your pocket and your health will be the ones that will feel it.