What will happen to your pocket if you remove three zeros by weight?

This is a normal conversation, which could occur in any store in Colombia where people, to simplify the language, decide to make their accounts by taking three zeroes from Colombian money. So things, a bus ticket in Bogota would cost 1.7 pesos. The water bill in a home in Bogotá stratum 5 would arrive for 180 pesos for the two months. Making a fortnightly market for a couple without children with food, soap, grains, milk, soft drinks, breads, packages, would have a value of 300 pesos.


It would happen with the figures of other things that we consume. An outing to eat as a family would be worth around 130 pesos in the restaurant, with the service included. The brand new mid-range car would cost about $ 40,000, the middle class housing would be between $ 200,000 and $ 400,000, depending on the city and the sector. Imagine that today’s minimum wage does not have the three zeros. This would be 781,242 pesos, read 781 pesos with 242 cents. Continue reading “What will happen to your pocket if you remove three zeros by weight?”