Simple ways to earn money on YouTube

Simple ways to earn money on YouTube

Content creators for Google’s video platform can even become millionaires if they become a star and get millions of followers and visits. The form is simple. Here we tell you. YouTube is for the vast majority of us little more than a site to watch free videos. In addition, it can be a job and much more a way to become a true star and even become a millionaire. How is it possible to win money from the authors of videos that the vast majority access free. These are the main ways in which anyone could make a living on Google’s video platform.

Simple ways to earn money on YouTube


Contrary to what many people think. It is no longer the form generates the most profits. As time has passed and YouTube has evolved, advertising has become less lucrative for creators. For every thousand times the ad plays in the video, Google pays youtuber a certain amount of money.

It can vary between $ 1 and $ 5 dollars. Recently, the amount has been decreasing and the YouTube platform takes 50% of the total revenue generated by add. However, the figures make sense when a video gains popularity: a million visits can amount to an amount ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000. A youtuber also has another way of making money little known by the public through fundraising platforms to support digital creators, a kind of patronage of the digital age. Think of it as a bottle of online tips.

You will watch the videos, whether you like them or not. If you really like them and want to support their creator then you can pay something like $ 1 per video or $ 1 per month. The young man explains a recent video explaining how Earn money. Some youtubers set up a specific channel for that, in which paying viewers can get access to exclusive content. FP recommends How Lilly Singh “Superwoman” became the woman who earns more money on YouTube.

Affiliate links

This is especially relevant for fashion and beauty bloggers. For those who evaluate technology products. Youtubers could refer this case to specific products in your publication. The youtubers test and evaluate the products. The manufacturers themselves often provide it. In the description of the video, they provide links to an online store in which whoever sees the video can acquire it. It is a way in which brands take advantage of the popularity of some youtubers and these in turn monetize talking to people about the product.

Product location

Posters, bracelets, t-shirts, phone cases: all this makes youtubers earn money. One of these content creator’s uses or puts certain products of a brand to make their videos it is a direct form of advertising. The brands can pay for it and, sometimes, the amounts are not negligible. Everything depends on youtuber. The number of followers and reproductions your videos usually have. The business with brands does not stop there. There is an even more lucrative way.

Brand Ads

The brands’ offers are the way video creators for YouTube earn more money, according to Edinger. This is when companies pay them to make videos about their products in exchange for large sums of cash. You can pay 12 times more than what you pay for commercials in a month. That sounds unreal, but it is true.  For this reason, for him, the best type of brand offers are those in which companies allow youtubers to make a quality video, without the pressure of advertising affecting it.