Receive a little more salary than expected

little more salary

Each year the employees are liquidated with layoffs and severance interest the deadline for payment is between January 31 and February 14. We tell you how to calculate the most income you should receive. Colombians have a saving in the layoffs that works for the moment they become unemployed or unemployed. Hence the name that has this salary benefit that all workers with formal employment receive.

little more salary

However, it has additional purposes. They can be used for housing or improvement be it a remodeling or an extension of your house or apartment. According to the Colombian Association of Pension and Retirement Funds during 2016 Colombians affiliated to severance funds withdrew more than $ 4.5 billion or 15.9% more than in 2015, which were used as funds Unemployment insurance for termination of contract for educational purposes and purchase debt relief or housing improvement.

Of the total retired, $ 1.6 trillion, or 35.7%, was used for termination of contract, which in practice meant that. In this case, layoffs operated as protection for those who were left without work. This is precisely the use that led to the creation of layoffs. Called on Colombians to consider this savings   as a kind of mattress to protect them in difficult junctures as is the loss of their jobs.

We have repeatedly said that layoffs are a great ally of the worker. They are not only savings, but also a mechanism of protection in times of labor difficulties. Especially situations as complex as today, that is why the call today more than is never to save those layoffs that will arrive in the coming weeks.

The law, however, also allows the use of this salary to cover other types of needs such as education. Purchase mortgage debt release or housing improvement. The remaining 4.3% of withdrawals corresponds to other types of authorized withdrawals such as pledges and embargoes.