Where to invest my money in 2017?

This is the main doubt that the savers have. The fixed term deposits deposits and funds guaranteed best sellers some time ago that no longer a profitable investment since most exceeds inflation which have raised prices in 2016, so these savings have devalued. The situation in which the savers are in the first quarter of 2017 is as follows:

invest my money

Deposits nonexistent due to zero profitability Longer-term deposits already pay the same as accounts, below 0.10%. In the auction of February 2017 to invest in Treasury bills to 12 months had to pay a 0,332%, that is to say the profitability was negative. In addition, more than 5,000 million were placed. The Treasury sets new minimum bill auction on 9 and 12 months. We must bear in mind that these returns have been obtained with oscillations and after a few Major declines in the first quarter of 2016. Continue reading “Where to invest my money in 2017?”

Get a monthly salary with your savings

The collection of monthly or periodic interest has been one of the reasons for the success of deposits where more than half of our savings are in accounts or fixed-term deposits. Savers only had to worry about renewing their deposit at maturity. In case they were not satisfied with the new interest offered by their entity change banks make a transfer contract a fixed term tax more profitable wait for a year or 13 months and collect interest. In the case of deposits or fixed term deposits you must always deduct 19% or 21% of the withholding tax on interest received.

salary with your savings

To know our real profitability we must take into account the effect of the price increase that makes our savings lose value. In the years, 2014 and 2015 inflation was negative that is to say due to the effect of the drop in the price of gasoline there was no rise in prices. Since last year the trend is to raise prices again. Continue reading “Get a monthly salary with your savings”

Make your mortgage pay you

Analyze buy wait and sell this is the investment strategy if you want to buy a property and make a profit in the end. The yields will depend on the surplus value that the house or the land charges with the time. This will be defined by the location the access routes the improvements that the government makes the developments that arise around such as shopping malls schools and hospitals.


The idea is to acquire a loan of 15 or 20 years using your savings accumulated in your housing subaccount plus a bank loan. With your savings, you can pay notary fees or the down payment. The formula is to rent it so that you can cover the monthly payment of the mortgage. At the end of the debt cycle exercise the sale of the property suggests Leonardo Gonzalez. Continue reading “Make your mortgage pay you”

How to turn tears into a professional advantage?

Many people believe that crying at work may be unprofessional. Because they have accustomed us to think that an ideal society is one that is filled with super productive workers who are tireless and are not often carried away by emotions. These workers become very similar to the machines but the reality is different remember that first we are human beings. Disconnect from our emotions would make us less creative.

professional advantage

In a survey conducted in the United States 10% of participants said they went to the bathroom to cry during their work hours at least once in their lives. Women usually admit this situation more than men do since 41% of them did it while in the case of men it was only 9%. That people cry at work should not surprise us. If you have been working in a company for several years you’ve probably seen one of your colleagues fall asleep. In addition, it is that life is like that you are never happy but you are happy. Continue reading “How to turn tears into a professional advantage?”

Receive a little more salary than expected

Each year the employees are liquidated with layoffs and severance interest the deadline for payment is between January 31 and February 14. We tell you how to calculate the most income you should receive. Colombians have a saving in the layoffs that works for the moment they become unemployed or unemployed. Hence the name that has this salary benefit that all workers with formal employment receive.

little more salary

However, it has additional purposes. They can be used for housing or improvement be it a remodeling or an extension of your house or apartment. According to the Colombian Association of Pension and Retirement Funds during 2016 Colombians affiliated to severance funds withdrew more than $ 4.5 billion or 15.9% more than in 2015, which were used as funds Unemployment insurance for termination of contract for educational purposes and purchase debt relief or housing improvement. Continue reading “Receive a little more salary than expected”

The expenses that you must eliminate

Spending more is not only noticed in expensive watches, a change of luxury clothes or in going to the most expensive restaurant. If you think about those small daily expenses you will realize that little by little. All sums and that is why it does not meet your financial goals. You start to think ‘what’s wrong with that morning red? Why take away the urge to go to the machine for a snack in the afternoon?


Those ‘ant expenses’ are deteriorating your pocket. Think of that red that is worth at least $ 800 or $ 1,000. If you take two a day, we are talking about maximum $ 2,000 a day. That is, $ 10,000 a week just to take into account from Monday to Friday. If we add, all of the year is $ 540,000. In addition, we are adding in addition neither the $ 200 chewing gum of each red nor the $ 1,400 of soda, nor the daily empanada of $ 1,800. Continue reading “The expenses that you must eliminate”

What you should know if you are an SME and want to import

The right steps will not only ensure that your goal of bringing international products to the national market is met. It will also prevent you from being a victim of fraud saves on more costs. Than you would incur by not being prepared even avoiding penalties for evade the payment of tariffs that are applied to foreign trade.


This type of companies handles important figures in the economy of the country a participation of more than 95% of the total of the companies of Colombia and responsible for 35% of the production. They also generate 65% of national jobs according to figures from the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism. Continue reading “What you should know if you are an SME and want to import”

How to get more profitability for our deposits?

Fixed Term Fixed Income Taxes

Given the question of who gives the best interest rate for the deposit, the financial advisor can answer in two ways. The most profitable 13-month deposit is from the bank, which a saver can see by reading the ranking give an answer that would give a professional financial advisor who is no other to ask questions. What term do you need the money for? How long have you been renovating that deposit? What purpose do you save for deposits? Do you know any other type of financial products?

profitability for our deposits

The most profitable option is to diversify the savings, and invest them in the right products depending on when you will need the money and if you have any specific objective to save. This is what the Bank of Spain and the CNMV tells us in its web of financial information finance for all Diversification is the best way to reduce investment risk. Continue reading “How to get more profitability for our deposits?”

The mistakes about your income for a peaceful future

By making clear, the differences between the two systems you can begin to list the misconceptions that people have in common. When anyone is asked about the pension issue the youngest or who are starting their work life they say they do not know or know very little about the regulations. Their rights or duties with respect to the General Pension System, which lends itself to making mistakes and misinterpretations that, can lead to making wrong decisions.


Having cleared the differences between RAI and RPM, we can then talk about the most common mistakes when thinking about the pension issue: Expense, not an expense is an investment. Unfortunately, people are not aware that the pension is a good investment option not only for old age. Also to protect them from all those circumstances that could affect them as a state of invalidity or even death, leaving the family unprotected. Continue reading “The mistakes about your income for a peaceful future”

Tips to save savings for retirement

Blacklists where it is believed bulletining people who do not pay their debts on time, do not exist, are a myth. So there are records detailing your credit behavior and in which you are given a rating as good average and bad payer. Both gather information company’s banks and non-financial institutions as departmental stores as well as governmental bodies as water service or report them once a month on the status of your Payments.


Credit Information Companies indicates that you have the right to request your report once a year. This will serve to detect the appearance of credits that you did not request misreported payments or consult your unauthorized history. If you need to check it, more often the extra cost is 36 pesos. Continue reading “Tips to save savings for retirement”