Is it a good time to invest in stocks?

invest in stocks

It is said that in times of uncertainty is when opportunities appear. Apparently, this is what is happening in the Colombian local stock market where some species as they are also called the shares technically in the specialized ‘slang’ listed on the Stock Exchange of Colombia (BVC) Are below their ideal price so they remain true ‘bargains’ for ordinary citizens.

invest in stocks

The expected national economic recovery remains a matter of divided opinions among analysts. Anyway, for the average person this is a good time to invest in the capital market. The shares are cheap it is a profitable alternative because the natural person is not charged the tax on profits, as long as the ceilings that are in the tax reform are not exceeded. In addition, according to each investor profile there are different ways to enter the market.

According to the monthly market report for January 2017 and produced by the BVC, the total volume traded in that month grew by 25% compared to January 2016. In addition to fixed income, operations where the main asset is the public debt of the invests a large part of Colombians pensions registration and equity mostly shares were traded at the BVC for a total of $ 82.29 trillion in January 2017.

Compared to the previous month December 2016 this amount grew 36.39%. Of the volume traded in the first month of 2017, stock trades and other somewhat more complex and recent products such as ETF’s totaled $ 2.38 trillion. The liquid security was the preferred share of with which $ 409,420 million were traded.

Experts believe that this 2017 is full of challenges. In a recent Personal Finance note we told you that expectations were centered on events such as the award of the rest of the 4G road works, the value of oil in international markets and even the assimilation of the application of the tax reform.

The results of the companies of 2016 showed the impact that had the macroeconomic environment, which was reflected in the performance of the securities of the companies in stock market. That is why when you invest a part of your savings the first thing to consider is your risk profile. Depending on this factor, you will find investment alternatives. If your risk tolerance is high, a stock investment is a good option for you.

If your profile is conservative, you may find better options in the public debt (TES) or a CDT in a bank where you will find fixed rates of return on your investment according to the time you will have saved the money. If your risk appetite is moderate, you may have a portfolio as your language investments are a little more technical diversified with conservative and risky options.