The way in is programmed to think about money has a direct relation of the use that you make with your income. Do not wait long to get rid of those negative thoughts. As we tell, you about this field of interdisciplinary study that seeks to explain the way in which human beings make decisions. In other words, it elaborates theories on how we process multiple alternatives and select a course of action.

ind prevents you from being a millionaire

It seems a little complex, but by its name, it is inferred that its study is about economic behavior to better understand the function of the brain. For this reason, investigates this vital organ to examine and complement theoretical models about economic behavior. This was just an appetizer because we will continue talking about it another time on this topic.

We cannot generalize what we think of money, how we act in front of an ‘extra’ talk, or why some people are born poor, but overcome and become entrepreneurs instead there are others who were born with all the opportunities wasted their Fortune did not pay their tax obligations and end up on the street.

Why do some individuals have all the money and spend it and why do others attract the money? Some explain that from the context. People who have a lot of money but waste it are like the small glass that receives a lot of water, water represents money and glass is its context, the liquid will start to overflow all over and have little context to manage and handle it. Your glass may change a bit, but for more lotteries that earn, for more income they receive, the silver will escape and let the opportunities go.

The opposite case is that of the large glass, which has a lot of context and is receiving money. That income, however much it enters the glass will not go by the sides, can continue to fill and the glass will continue to receive because it knows how to handle. This is the group of millionaire people, successful and good managers. In this line are the entrepreneurs, millionaires, athletes of winning mind and who know that money is not wasted, is invested.

Free yourself from these beliefs

If you are receiving the mid and end of the year premium and do not know what you spend it on, if you receive your salary. It lasts two days, if you receive more calls from the banks than from a close family member. First, the solution may be to declare it insolvent and take advantage of a process to recover financially. That does not go alone. You need to do a mental exercise to get rid of the mental obstacles you have to money.

It is better to keep the silver under the mattress if you think in a way you are missing the opportunity to invest. The money under the mattress is to risk that thieves get into the house and leave it in ruin. If you do not like leaving it in a CDT at a bank, at least try to invest it in a collective fund, a savings to buy a home, a fiduciary or a voluntary pension account. Leave that ‘old man’ thought and look for how to earn profitability, and get ready. If you become a skilled trader you can put your money to work for your own project.

What goes by water comes, by water is gone: if this is the excuse not to make a budget, young is muddying with everything. Hurry to make that change because if you do not know what your income is spent, you will not be able to control your expenses and you will not have the opportunity to save at least a minimum monthly amount. Remember that the recommendation is to allocate 70% to the payment of leases, card fees and other compulsory expenses and leave 30% for savings and investment.

The more I earn, the more I spend another common mistake among the most ‘reached’ and living people. If you start earning $ 2,000,000, try to live with $ 1,500,000 and the other $ 500,000 save them. If the following year earns $ 2,500,000, it is not that now runs to spend the first $ 2,000,000 and leave the same $ 500,000 for savings. Try to continue living with the same $ 1,500,000 and the other $ 1,000,000 to your piggy bank, investment fund, savings account.

Delivery Allowance: It is important that you begin to plan your expenses and allocate a portion of the money to the savings. Have a goal: The best way to start is to set a goal, something you want and want to achieve. With this, you will have an extra motivation that will encourage you to save money month by month.

Buy a piggy bank or open a savings account: The goal is to have a place to deposit the money you want to save. Encourage extra work: A good way to get money is that you can do activities to have a symbolic remuneration for these and help in your education of saving. If the example starts at home and the children imitate their parents in their behavior, this discipline of saving will be successful.

Financial institutions have products that are directly aimed at stimulating this savings in children, where the children feel responsible financially speaking. On the other hand, these organizations offer accounts where parents can start saving for the future of their children. Advisersbecome a millionaire,i wanna be a millionaire,slumdog millionaire
The way in is programmed to think about money has a direct relation of the use that you make with your income. Do not wait long to get rid of those negative thoughts. As we tell, you about this field of interdisciplinary study that seeks to explain the way...