How to throw away your money

How to throw away your money

Undoubtedly, you have heard of the ‘ant expenditure’ that little by little leaves you without a fortnight. It’s no surprise that 50% of Mexicans spend always sometimes on things that were not planned or out of their budget according to the National Survey of Financial Inclusion 2015, released the year Passed by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

How to throw away your money

Personal finance experts and the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users agree that this small but recurrent expenditure can exceed 10% of your income, leaving you out. The key is to be aware of this expense quantify it consider it in the fortnightly budget and not exceed it. The fact that it is so small does not make it important says Leticia Armenta a research professor at the Monterrey School of Economics at the campus.

The problem grows when you use the credit card to pay the ant expenses. When you do it with a means of payment with which you do not feel how much you pay because you do not see it you could spend more than you budgeted warns the professor of Business School of University Carlos Bautista.

The formula is that you destine only 10% of your income to these expenses and if possible reduce it. If at the end of the day managed to keep that money save it in a piggy bank at the end of the year you’ll see how much you’ve got together and you can buy something bigger and even go on a trip adds the academic.

Problem: Morning coffee, orange juice or bottled water make you spend 10 to 50 pesos a day. If you’re one of those who drinks three or four cups of coffee a day you’re in trouble. Besides that it could be harmful to your health you will be scared if you multiply what you are spending per day for what you consume per week. If your company has a coffee maker take it it’s free refill. In case you do not like it buy your coffee in capsules or soluble and prepare it. Drink water from the jug or filter and fill your container.

Problem: Evening treats and snacks can lead to ruin. The chips chocolates chewing gum soft drinks peanuts or loose cigars cost between 10 and 12 pesos. Traveling in the subway or truck is like walking in a street market. Take the article of novice for the boy or the girl I’ve been handling the portable toothbrush for five pesos take the refreshing pill for that irritated throat.

In a half hour journey you could find four or five sellers with products of 10 and 20 pesos. Before you fall into your mermaid enchantments ask yourself if you really need what they offer you if you do not follow your path. Carry a book that pleases you to occupy your mind while traveling.