How to achieve economic success?

economic success

When in 2004, Juan Diego Gomez, a renowned financial youtuber and best selling book author founded the “Better Invest channel; only 100 people a day saw his videos. Now this figure is over 70,000. In addition videos have more than 60 million views and the channel has 553,000 subscribers.

economic success

Gomez’s career, before venturing as youtuber, was already successful. This Antioquian, born in Medellin, studied administration. Finance in Eafit, was a broker in the Stock Exchange, served as planning manager of professor of universities such as Antioquia or the Bolivarian Pontifical, among others, and even columnist of Newspapers such as El Colombian and La Republican.

Despite these achievements, he was not satisfied. He was a very successful person who made a lot of money. He was tired of what he was as if he thought it was very easy. Neuro-linguistic programming helped me to reinvent myself he says. Personal Finance spoke with him about challenges, entrepreneurship and financial mistakes.

Why did you decide to become youtuber?

I had a television space in then in Cosmo vision sometimes he would tell people to keep watch at 9 pm to watch the show. But I got calls where they told me it was late and they missed it. Then I wondered why we are not on YouTube? This way people can see the program as many times, as they want and whenever they want.

A successful video is like a summer work, the more people refer to it the more it appears in the related YouTube videos. So many people come to my channel, because they usually watch finance videos and in the end, my videos appear as suggestions. This happens because behind my merit, there is a merit of the network team and digital marketing.

There is a phrase from T. Harv Eker, the author of the secrets of the millionaire mind, which says your income will grow to where you grow as a person. That is what I’ve noticed, so in these years I’ve had more spiritual growth, more empathy with people, more hugs, more smiles and even more warmth.

What are the financial mistakes of ordinary people?

People first invest and then train. They should do it the other way around. That is why there are many damaged pyramids. The common pattern is that they are people who have no idea of finance, or financial education. Another serious mistake is that they depend on their salary and have no extra income.