Do you want to invest in dollars?

After reaching up to 22 pesos, the dollar is reducing its price, although it is not known how much it will fall, was something that the analysts already foresaw. However, in a globalized world we will have many similar episodes in the exchange rate the famous rises and falls, and this harms many, including travelers or who thought to study abroad for example.

 invest in dollars

According to Patricia Arroyo, product manager this alternative is designed for people who plan to spend in dollars, allows them to protect their money from the swings of the exchange rate, is an option to diversify their investments. While it is not a question of speculating on the exchange rate, this option serves those who are contemplating going abroad doing a master’s degree or for those who know they will have a dollar spend explains Patricia Arroyo.

For those who already have an account, as for those who decide to open this account the option is available the minimum to automate is 100 pesos, while to open an account the minimum amount is one thousand pesos. Santa Rita, states that in this investment fund the currency in which money comes in and out is in pesos, because the fund is constituted. The currency in which the fund is invested is Dollars and instruments linked to it.

Your balance will always be seen in pesos your deposits and what you receive will be in pesos, the investment is made in dollars. One of the advantages you can find in a fund like this is that not just anyone can open an account like this: is only allowed a company to open an account in dollars or possibly individuals who are close to the border, to 20 kilometers from the border to be more accurate. Those who buy dollars have to do it in person, which implies a risk of having them physically, which is an operational disadvantage.