Valencia plans to implement a tourist tax

The mayor of Valencia Joan Ribo has opened the door to the creation of a tourist tax or overnight stays. In his opinion, apartments, hotels and tourism cause the City Hall an increase in services”, so they would have to pay by a fee as do ordinary citizens. He believes that it should be applied at the municipal level because each people are a world.

tourist tax

In addition, he has assured that he has transferred this question to those responsible for Tourism of the Generalist Valencia and that he shares with them that the rate should not be applied at the regional level.  Continue reading “Valencia plans to implement a tourist tax”

The Top Five Ways You can Lessen the Tax You Pay as a UK Business

Like death, taxes are inescapable, and are sure to exist for as long as humanity is around. You can either begrudge that fact, or you can examine why taxes exist, understand the various taxation laws, and make the most of it. Here’s a little truth very few people comprehend: UK taxation laws are actually much more lenient on businesses than on individuals – and they can be taken advantage of.

Don’t think of taxation as a burden; after all, the taxation that is posed on the people allows you to do business. Rather, find out what laws apply to you, and find an accountant who can make the most of your situation. Have you ever wondered what the tax laws are really about? Here are the top five ways you can lessen the tax you pay as a UK business.

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Understand your industry

A lot of knowledge, expertise, advice, and help can be gained by keeping in touch with those who are involved in your industry; often they have the same issues, and often they have found a common way of dealing with things. Uniform allowances within the HMRC or union settlements are just some examples.

Save a little time

It’s advisable to spend time running your business and have a professional accountant like the accountants central London from GSM & Co. take care of the classification of expenses and income. Do what you need to do – focus on your business.

What’s VAT all about?

Have you considered a flat rate scheme? Do you even know what this is all about? Consult a professional so you are not left out. Continue reading “The Top Five Ways You can Lessen the Tax You Pay as a UK Business”