How to achieve economic success?

When in 2004, Juan Diego Gomez, a renowned financial youtuber and best selling book author founded the “Better Invest channel; only 100 people a day saw his videos. Now this figure is over 70,000. In addition videos have more than 60 million views and the channel has 553,000 subscribers.

economic success

Gomez’s career, before venturing as youtuber, was already successful. This Antioquian, born in Medellin, studied administration. Finance in Eafit, was a broker in the Stock Exchange, served as planning manager of professor of universities such as Antioquia or the Bolivarian Pontifical, among others, and even columnist of Newspapers such as El Colombian and La Republican. Continue reading “How to achieve economic success?”

Do you want to invest in dollars?

After reaching up to 22 pesos, the dollar is reducing its price, although it is not known how much it will fall, was something that the analysts already foresaw. However, in a globalized world we will have many similar episodes in the exchange rate the famous rises and falls, and this harms many, including travelers or who thought to study abroad for example.

 invest in dollars

According to Patricia Arroyo, product manager this alternative is designed for people who plan to spend in dollars, allows them to protect their money from the swings of the exchange rate, is an option to diversify their investments. While it is not a question of speculating on the exchange rate, this option serves those who are contemplating going abroad doing a master’s degree or for those who know they will have a dollar spend explains Patricia Arroyo. Continue reading “Do you want to invest in dollars?”

Is it a good time to invest in stocks?

It is said that in times of uncertainty is when opportunities appear. Apparently, this is what is happening in the Colombian local stock market where some species as they are also called the shares technically in the specialized ‘slang’ listed on the Stock Exchange of Colombia (BVC) Are below their ideal price so they remain true ‘bargains’ for ordinary citizens.

invest in stocks

The expected national economic recovery remains a matter of divided opinions among analysts. Anyway, for the average person this is a good time to invest in the capital market. The shares are cheap it is a profitable alternative because the natural person is not charged the tax on profits, as long as the ceilings that are in the tax reform are not exceeded. In addition, according to each investor profile there are different ways to enter the market. Continue reading “Is it a good time to invest in stocks?”

Where to invest my money in 2017?

This is the main doubt that the savers have. The fixed term deposits deposits and funds guaranteed best sellers some time ago that no longer a profitable investment since most exceeds inflation which have raised prices in 2016, so these savings have devalued. The situation in which the savers are in the first quarter of 2017 is as follows:

invest my money

Deposits nonexistent due to zero profitability Longer-term deposits already pay the same as accounts, below 0.10%. In the auction of February 2017 to invest in Treasury bills to 12 months had to pay a 0,332%, that is to say the profitability was negative. In addition, more than 5,000 million were placed. The Treasury sets new minimum bill auction on 9 and 12 months. We must bear in mind that these returns have been obtained with oscillations and after a few Major declines in the first quarter of 2016. Continue reading “Where to invest my money in 2017?”

What you should know if you are an SME and want to import

The right steps will not only ensure that your goal of bringing international products to the national market is met. It will also prevent you from being a victim of fraud saves on more costs. Than you would incur by not being prepared even avoiding penalties for evade the payment of tariffs that are applied to foreign trade.


This type of companies handles important figures in the economy of the country a participation of more than 95% of the total of the companies of Colombia and responsible for 35% of the production. They also generate 65% of national jobs according to figures from the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism. Continue reading “What you should know if you are an SME and want to import”