Large European economies suspend green energy consumption

Most of the European countries suspend the consumption of green energy. The data from the Euro start community statistics are very clear. In 2016, only 17% of the final energy consumption in the European Union as a whole came from the renewable sector. The figure is not trivial especially if we take into account. The proportion of renewable energy in the final gross consumption of energy is one of the main indicators of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The average of the Twenty-eight must be at 20%.

Large European economies

Now, it is also true that not all countries are at the same level. While the large economies of the region are in the lower half of the ranking, the Nordic Eastern countries lead the top positions. The most outstanding result is of Sweden. More than half of the energy consumption comes from the renewable sector. They followed by Finland, Latvia, Austria and Denmark, all of them above 30%. Other countries that are also in the high band of the table are Estonia, Portugal, Croatia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia, where the weight exceeds 20%. Continue reading “Large European economies suspend green energy consumption”

Simple ways to earn money on YouTube

Content creators for Google’s video platform can even become millionaires if they become a star and get millions of followers and visits. The form is simple. Here we tell you. YouTube is for the vast majority of us little more than a site to watch free videos. In addition, it can be a job and much more a way to become a true star and even become a millionaire. How is it possible to win money from the authors of videos that the vast majority access free. These are the main ways in which anyone could make a living on Google’s video platform.

Simple ways to earn money on YouTube


Contrary to what many people think. It is no longer the form generates the most profits. As time has passed and YouTube has evolved, advertising has become less lucrative for creators. For every thousand times the ad plays in the video, Google pays youtuber a certain amount of money. Continue reading “Simple ways to earn money on YouTube”

Insurance that must haves every millennial

Protection needs change from one generation to another. The millennial unlike the Baby Boomers and X have different interests and characteristics of life that motivates them to seek insurance best suited to their profile. They are a generation more concerned about their protection; they wonder and understand the importance of insurance. Because of their status as freelancers or self-employed, their income is limited and not fixed to have complete protection.


In addition to these characteristics, Everis and the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) report in their latest study that millennial have a constant exposure to technology, manage their finances through their cell phone, invest And buy online, understand their importance as consumers and one of their main hobbies is to travel. In addition, insurers must attend to these particularities. Continue reading “Insurance that must haves every millennial”

How to Get the Best Deal on Your Car Finance Package

These days, buying a car doesn’t necessarily require a great deal of cash; there is an extensive range of different finance packages – personal loans, hire purchase, leasing agreements etc – available for a new buyer to choose from. The trouble is, with so many companies offering so many car finance packages, how do you go about securing the best deal? Let’s take at look at some of the ways to secure the best possible deal that’s right for you.

  1.    You have bargaining power

Many dealers can actually make more money from selling a finance package than selling the car outright, which means you have a degree of bargaining power if you’re looking to take out a finance package to pay for the car. If you have a good credit score, then personal loans offer the best APR. If you have bad credit car finance packages are still available to you, but expect to pay higher interest rates. Don’t just stick to one dealer; visit two and try to play them off against one another. In this climate, your business is valuable, and they’ll bend over a long way to get it.

If you are making a cash purchase, then it’s still worth getting a personal loan quote, as this could help you to negotiate a better price on your dream car 2017 subaru impreza.

  1.    Ask directly for the APR

The quickest, easiest way to compare credit deals from different companies is to look at the APR. Make sure the details are identical – same loan amount and duration – if there is a difference, ask why. Many salespeople will attempt to avoid the discussion into APR rates, or use the flat rate as an example of APR to make the finance package appear cheaper than, in all likelihood, it probably will be. Ask the dealer directly for the APR of the finance package you want to take out; get the figures for both monthly fees and interest, and then compare the answer with other finance packages. Continue reading “How to Get the Best Deal on Your Car Finance Package”

Bad crowdfunding experiences you can learning

Investing in entrepreneurs and start-ups has become a boom among small investors, especially since it can be done from small amounts and is within reach of a click. However, this type of investment still entails risks, as the law does not yet regulate it. Despite this growth scenario, funding projects or companies requires careful analysis of the project and the entrepreneur, since the more yield (profit) they offer, the greater the risk that the investor will take.

crowdfunding experiences

Evelyn Fermat will definitely no longer fund any project via crowd funding. Between August and September of 2012, he deposited $ 275 (about 5,000 pesos) to the foreign campaign Brightening Bike Lanes Worldwide, in Kick-starter of the United States. The company asked for 50,000 pesos and achieved a goal of 75, 417 pesos. In exchange, would receive 10 sets of lights for bicycles, the company’s flagship product, as they wanted to put them on sale at their bike accessories company. Continue reading “Bad crowdfunding experiences you can learning”

The tax benefits for independents who save on layoffs

Withdrawals are a significant savings that could later serve as an investment, so we tell you how to get this benefit even though you work as an independent. When dealing with contracts with different companies either by providing services by agreements between one. Another business as an independent the employer who acts as a client is not obliged to pay the severance savings and interest, as well as the premium of Services or the endowment to which the persons linked by contract for a fixed or indefinite term are generally entitled.

save on layoffs

In fact, before leaving a stable job to start a business of your own it is important that you make an initial budget be clear that at first may be more losses than profits. That the road can be hard and that even if there are ‘cows Fat ‘for a few months, there may be’ skinny cows’ in others, in which it does, yes or yes, survive or at least those are the tests that will let you know if the decision was right or not. Continue reading “The tax benefits for independents who save on layoffs”

Make Car Sharing an Investment in Your Financial Future

Are you trying to get your financial situation under control?  If so one item to look at is your transportation expenses. Over the past century car ownership has become almost a rite of passage, like having your own razor or makeup kit. Yet few calculate how much car ownership, maintenance and operation costs over a single year. Nor do they consider how much that takes out of their disposable income. Even a rough estimate can bring pause – take a minute to add together the cost of auto insurance, operator insurance, fuel, parts, service, depreciation, parking and storage, to your regular car payments. It is quickly evident that your car can be a costly member of the “family.” Nor can you easily write these expenses off as tax-deductible, unless you can demonstrate that they are related to your employment.

When the cost of car ownership and operation is viewed from this perspective you may want to seek alternatives. One approach is public or commuter transportation, but this is not always feasible, either because the service may not meet your needs or because you prefer the independence of driving. Another alternative is to a car share service. By joining a car sharing service organization like Zipcar a person can divest oneself of all the extra expenses that accompany auto ownership – including major maintenance, vehicle insurance, parking and storage, etc.  Instead, you pay just for the time the vehicle is being used. Your membership in the organization is often far less than you would pay for vehicle ownership or leasing. And you don’t have to concern yourself with the other expenses and requirements that go along with vehicle ownership.
Continue reading “Make Car Sharing an Investment in Your Financial Future”

Financial gifts that mom will love

An anti-wrinkle cream perfume or earrings could make a smile to your mother this May 10. But how would you like to take care of her and indulge her differently? Yes giving you protection and financial freedom. During pregnancy and the first months of childcare women interrupt their work or academic activities for long periods. As they devote most of their strength and resources to the upbringing and education of their children.

Financial gifts

It is time to give them back some of what they have done for you. With these financial gifts you will prolong the celebration of mothers all year and more. A credit card will help you to cope with emergency expenses or to finance a trip, make payments for services or do some remodeling of the home, for example. Continue reading “Financial gifts that mom will love”

What are the Millennials financial challenges?

This generation, which is becoming the largest economic force, directly faces the challenges of the new millennium economy. How are millennials being prepared? Millennials or Generation Y, as they are also known, is those who became adults or are young adults at the beginning of the new millennium. They have experienced the effects of economic crises such as 2008 or the fall in oil prices have different consumption habits and financial education.

financial challenges

Unlike Generation X, those born after 1965 and until the mid-1980s, and baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1965, millennials are digital natives. For them the management of technology is a natural behavior in their lives, they spend more time on the internet than watching television. Continue reading “What are the Millennials financial challenges?”

How to throw away your money

Undoubtedly, you have heard of the ‘ant expenditure’ that little by little leaves you without a fortnight. It’s no surprise that 50% of Mexicans spend always sometimes on things that were not planned or out of their budget according to the National Survey of Financial Inclusion 2015, released the year Passed by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

How to throw away your money

Personal finance experts and the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users agree that this small but recurrent expenditure can exceed 10% of your income, leaving you out. The key is to be aware of this expense quantify it consider it in the fortnightly budget and not exceed it. The fact that it is so small does not make it important says Leticia Armenta a research professor at the Monterrey School of Economics at the campus. Continue reading “How to throw away your money”