Economies will grow fastest in the world by 2018

New oil fields plus public spending and rising consumption and investment is driving the economic expansion of several countries. At least two of them are expected to grow by more than 8% in 2018. The countries that recover after having gone through hell usually experience a rebound that leads them to grow at a shocking speed. There is a power, which seems unstoppable. A decade has passed since the financial crisis that shook the world unleashed. Why will these countries grow faster? After many hardships, the world economy began to rebound and, although the generation of wealth has been moderate.


It is the emerging markets and the developing economies that are leading the growth. Those export raw materials. Growth will gather momentum as an investment and private consumption consolidate. Particularly in commodity export, economies the World Bank said in its economic outlook report. When looking at the general outlook for growth for this year forecast by the World Bank, four African countries appear in the lead and one Asian. The list is led by Ghana, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and Djibouti. Continue reading “Economies will grow fastest in the world by 2018”