How to turn tears into a professional advantage?

Many people believe that crying at work may be unprofessional. Because they have accustomed us to think that an ideal society is one that is filled with super productive workers who are tireless and are not often carried away by emotions. These workers become very similar to the machines but the reality is different remember that first we are human beings. Disconnect from our emotions would make us less creative.

professional advantage

In a survey conducted in the United States 10% of participants said they went to the bathroom to cry during their work hours at least once in their lives. Women usually admit this situation more than men do since 41% of them did it while in the case of men it was only 9%. That people cry at work should not surprise us. If you have been working in a company for several years you’ve probably seen one of your colleagues fall asleep. In addition, it is that life is like that you are never happy but you are happy. Continue reading “How to turn tears into a professional advantage?”

Keys to Securing the Future of a Business

The correct management of an SME is not something simple. There are internal and external factors that can determine the success or failure of the company. But when it comes to internal factors we have to do everything in our power to minimize risks and optimize resources. The lack of professionalization, costs and the false idea that being a SME does not need tools like in big companies are some of the factors that make a venture cannot consecrate or grow.

Future of a Business

In addition, is that an efficient business, with organization and financial statements in order is basic to obtain financing or aspire to government programs. Specialists recommend consulting specialist, since it can help them generate significant benefits as improve profits reduce time and cost in internal processes. It depends on the situation of the pye, but it is not always possible to hire a specialized consulting, so here are some basic tips to protect your business: Continue reading “Keys to Securing the Future of a Business”

This NLP technique will help you in your business

Three Easy Steps to Create a Habit and Last

If you usually watch national television, you probably remember when eight metal hooks embedded in his skin lifted journalist. To do this first had to train his mind using Programming (NLP) techniques which helped him program the brain to resist pain and reduce it.


NLP is a set of techniques designed to generate profound changes in people some even consider neuroscience. It was invented by the American researchers John Grinder and Richard Bandler are based on the functioning of the mind in relation to the language and the processes in the neurons. Neurolinguistic Programming affirms that behavior can be shaped by good communication with the conscious and the unconscious, with which we can achieve the impetus to achieve our goals. Continue reading “This NLP technique will help you in your business”