Are you on vacation the keys of the toll insurance

toll insurance

The holiday period is often synonymous with overcrowded motorways. Long rows of cars, drivers burdened by traffic and passengers anxious to reach their destination mark the beginning of rest. However, just as traffic increases on the roads, so do vehicular accidents. In 2016, the Technical Secretariat of the National Council for the Prevention of Accidents reported that the number of incidents increases between 15% and 20% during holiday periods. Of the total, approximately 80% are transit.

toll insurance

Therefore, it is important that before packing the swimsuit and putting the suitcase in the trunk you plan the route that you are going to use. You know which institution or company is responsible for the operation of the highway. You are informed about the liability insurance at that you have the right as a user in case of suffering or causing an accident.

In its customer service line, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) reports that all federal highways have insurance to protect their users. Including concessionaires, which are in the hands of federal roads and bridges?  These are the 10 keys to motorway tolls operated by Capufe, which represent 44% of the National Network of Motorways of Quota and whose catalog includes Cuernavaca-Acapulco, Mexico-Querétaro and Mexico-Puebla:

The insurance protects the damage caused by the driver to the infrastructure and the roads distributors of access or exit of the highway. It also takes care of the damages that the drivers cause to other users of the route by non intentional acts or omissions. The maximum coverage granted by this policy is for about four million pesos.

It is a policy that goes into excess that is the driver first has to exhaust the sum of his own insurance that in theory must have by law explains the specialist. If your vehicle is private or motorcycle, you will have to pay a minimum of 1,000 pesos to make the coverage valid, as long as you have exhausted the coverage of your particular insurance policy. In case the driver does not have the insurance required by law, he must pay a deductible, for example, for material damages, for theft, for glass and for civil liability, details the adviser.

For damages to pedestrians and cyclists, the coverage has a maximum limit of more than 450,000 pesos per person and almost four million pesos per event. In the case of medical expenses, there is a segmentation. If the vehicle of the accident is a car, it will be covered up to 164,000 pesos per person. While in the case of buses, the maximum amount per event is four million pesos.