Tips on financial etiquette

Touch is the hardest thing to maintain, when it comes to matters of money. Here are some tips from experts in financial etiquette on the best way to deal with difficult situations. In a restaurant, your friends suggest dividing the cost of food evenly, but your meal costs less. Spread the account evenly is probably the best way to handle this situation if you are dealing with people with whom you do not have frequent contact. The same thing happens if you have regular lunches with friends and the price of your food is usually almost the same as theirs. You do not want to be the person who is taking out the calculator. It is okay to ask your waiter for a separate bill before lunch if you often go out to eat with people who tend to order more expensive foods and drinks. In fact, your table companions will appreciate being able to ask for everything they want without feeling like an imposition.


You are asked to contribute to a group gift in the office, but you do not get along with that person. You are not under any obligation to participate or explain your reasons for declining the request. The organizer should not press him. Talk to your trusted colleagues if requests for money in the office become overwhelming. Most likely, they feel the same way. In that case, you might suggest modifying the practice instead of eliminating it. Such as holding an office party once a year instead of buying a gift or going out to lunch every time a classmate has a special occasion.

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Economies will grow fastest in the world by 2018

New oil fields plus public spending and rising consumption and investment is driving the economic expansion of several countries. At least two of them are expected to grow by more than 8% in 2018. The countries that recover after having gone through hell usually experience a rebound that leads them to grow at a shocking speed. There is a power, which seems unstoppable. A decade has passed since the financial crisis that shook the world unleashed. Why will these countries grow faster? After many hardships, the world economy began to rebound and, although the generation of wealth has been moderate.


It is the emerging markets and the developing economies that are leading the growth. Those export raw materials. Growth will gather momentum as an investment and private consumption consolidate. Particularly in commodity export, economies the World Bank said in its economic outlook report. When looking at the general outlook for growth for this year forecast by the World Bank, four African countries appear in the lead and one Asian. The list is led by Ghana, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and Djibouti. Continue reading “Economies will grow fastest in the world by 2018”

What will happen to your pocket if you remove three zeros by weight?

This is a normal conversation, which could occur in any store in Colombia where people, to simplify the language, decide to make their accounts by taking three zeroes from Colombian money. So things, a bus ticket in Bogota would cost 1.7 pesos. The water bill in a home in Bogotá stratum 5 would arrive for 180 pesos for the two months. Making a fortnightly market for a couple without children with food, soap, grains, milk, soft drinks, breads, packages, would have a value of 300 pesos.


It would happen with the figures of other things that we consume. An outing to eat as a family would be worth around 130 pesos in the restaurant, with the service included. The brand new mid-range car would cost about $ 40,000, the middle class housing would be between $ 200,000 and $ 400,000, depending on the city and the sector. Imagine that today’s minimum wage does not have the three zeros. This would be 781,242 pesos, read 781 pesos with 242 cents. Continue reading “What will happen to your pocket if you remove three zeros by weight?”

Large European economies suspend green energy consumption

Most of the European countries suspend the consumption of green energy. The data from the Euro start community statistics are very clear. In 2016, only 17% of the final energy consumption in the European Union as a whole came from the renewable sector. The figure is not trivial especially if we take into account. The proportion of renewable energy in the final gross consumption of energy is one of the main indicators of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The average of the Twenty-eight must be at 20%.

Large European economies

Now, it is also true that not all countries are at the same level. While the large economies of the region are in the lower half of the ranking, the Nordic Eastern countries lead the top positions. The most outstanding result is of Sweden. More than half of the energy consumption comes from the renewable sector. They followed by Finland, Latvia, Austria and Denmark, all of them above 30%. Other countries that are also in the high band of the table are Estonia, Portugal, Croatia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia, where the weight exceeds 20%. Continue reading “Large European economies suspend green energy consumption”

Simple ways to earn money on YouTube

Content creators for Google’s video platform can even become millionaires if they become a star and get millions of followers and visits. The form is simple. Here we tell you. YouTube is for the vast majority of us little more than a site to watch free videos. In addition, it can be a job and much more a way to become a true star and even become a millionaire. How is it possible to win money from the authors of videos that the vast majority access free. These are the main ways in which anyone could make a living on Google’s video platform.

Simple ways to earn money on YouTube


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How to Qualify for a Loan

Are you looking to take out a loan? Depending on what you are taking the loan out for you may or may not be qualified to get it. Most people are shocked when they find out that they do not have good enough credit to take out a loan. Your credit is one of the deciding factors on whether or not you get that loan. Don’t fret too much, you may still get the loan however, it will be at a steep interest rate. Besides having good credit, what else determines if you are or are not qualified for a loan? According to an article on Entrepreneur, your loan lender first wants to know that, if they give you money, they will get it back. Their number one priority is not getting you the money but ensuring that they will get their money back. Funny thing is (not really that funny), the lender doesn’t care how long it takes you to pay them back because they will likely be charging you a high interest rate anyways. If you are looking to increase your chances of scoring a loan you should follow these suggests: have a good repayment plan, consider renting what you are looking to buy, put up some of your own money, check out your credit report first, and shop around for various lenders. Your lender also wants to know if you: have a job, your other open accounts, and what type of college (if any) you have.

Qualify for a Loan

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Being a company and having financial resources

The Hacienda has a habit of imposing penalties automatically, only because a taxpayer has not correctly declared the taxes to which he was bound. Did you know that the Treasury is obliged to prove the guilt of the taxpayer? That the fact of having economic means and expert advice does not make you guilty. The majority of tax penalties are annulled for these reasons.

financial resources

This means that no one can be penalized for the mere fact of having committed a tax offense. Treasury always, to sanction, must prove the guilt of the taxpayer. That is, he has acted at least negligently. Recently, the Central Economic-Administrative Court (TEAC) has annulled a tax penalty imposed on a taxpayer, which justified the imposition of the penalty for being a large company. Continue reading “Being a company and having financial resources”

Valencia plans to implement a tourist tax

The mayor of Valencia Joan Ribo has opened the door to the creation of a tourist tax or overnight stays. In his opinion, apartments, hotels and tourism cause the City Hall an increase in services”, so they would have to pay by a fee as do ordinary citizens. He believes that it should be applied at the municipal level because each people are a world.

tourist tax

In addition, he has assured that he has transferred this question to those responsible for Tourism of the Generalist Valencia and that he shares with them that the rate should not be applied at the regional level.  Continue reading “Valencia plans to implement a tourist tax”

Insurance that must haves every millennial

Protection needs change from one generation to another. The millennial unlike the Baby Boomers and X have different interests and characteristics of life that motivates them to seek insurance best suited to their profile. They are a generation more concerned about their protection; they wonder and understand the importance of insurance. Because of their status as freelancers or self-employed, their income is limited and not fixed to have complete protection.


In addition to these characteristics, Everis and the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) report in their latest study that millennial have a constant exposure to technology, manage their finances through their cell phone, invest And buy online, understand their importance as consumers and one of their main hobbies is to travel. In addition, insurers must attend to these particularities. Continue reading “Insurance that must haves every millennial”

How to Get the Best Deal on Your Car Finance Package

These days, buying a car doesn’t necessarily require a great deal of cash; there is an extensive range of different finance packages – personal loans, hire purchase, leasing agreements etc – available for a new buyer to choose from. The trouble is, with so many companies offering so many car finance packages, how do you go about securing the best deal? Let’s take at look at some of the ways to secure the best possible deal that’s right for you.

  1.    You have bargaining power

Many dealers can actually make more money from selling a finance package than selling the car outright, which means you have a degree of bargaining power if you’re looking to take out a finance package to pay for the car. If you have a good credit score, then personal loans offer the best APR. If you have bad credit car finance packages are still available to you, but expect to pay higher interest rates. Don’t just stick to one dealer; visit two and try to play them off against one another. In this climate, your business is valuable, and they’ll bend over a long way to get it.

If you are making a cash purchase, then it’s still worth getting a personal loan quote, as this could help you to negotiate a better price on your dream car 2017 subaru impreza.

  1.    Ask directly for the APR

The quickest, easiest way to compare credit deals from different companies is to look at the APR. Make sure the details are identical – same loan amount and duration – if there is a difference, ask why. Many salespeople will attempt to avoid the discussion into APR rates, or use the flat rate as an example of APR to make the finance package appear cheaper than, in all likelihood, it probably will be. Ask the dealer directly for the APR of the finance package you want to take out; get the figures for both monthly fees and interest, and then compare the answer with other finance packages. Continue reading “How to Get the Best Deal on Your Car Finance Package”